Professional documents on the Power Platform

Increase productivity and workforce efficiency by simplifying and automating your document processes with a wide range of extended functions. 

DocumentsCorePack will save you money and time by minimizing the time required to generate, process, and deliver documents.

Give your documents (e.g. quotesinvoicesreports) their personal touch with the easy, intuitive, and powerful template design based on Microsoft Word. 

No programming skills required.


Template Design in Microsoft Word

Design dynamic and professional document templates using the powerful features of Microsoft Word supporting advanced filtering, sorting and repeating tables.


Generate & process documents from Power Apps

The DocumentsCorePack Connector supports 25+ actions to be used in your app including: create document, print, save to SharePoint, attach to note or e-mail and many more.


Automate your documents via Power Automate

The DocumentsCorePack Connector allows you to use the full suite of document generation & delivery options with PowerAutomate (Flow), enabling full document automation.

DocumentsCorePack Connector

For Power Apps & Power Automate

Your key to unlocking comprehensive document processing. Seamlessly integrate powerful document generation and delivery capabilities into your flows and canvas apps.

Power Automate (Flow)

Within Power Automate (Flow), our Connector offers support for over 25 actions that seamlessly integrate into your workflow. These actions include creating documents, printing, saving to SharePoint, attaching to emails or notes, and more.

All Processing Options

During automation the process integration supports all outlined options such as saving documents to SharePoint, sending for electronic signature, and printing.

Scheduled Documents

Set up a flow that triggers when a payment is due, and then send a reminder email to the customer with the payment details.


In MS Office 365 using the approval feature for documents in conjunction with DocumentsCorePack allows for e.g. an automatic trigger to occur when a certain condition is met.

Quote Automation

Automate the generation and delivery of quote documents once e.g. a quote gets activated or approved.

See the DocumentsCorePack Connector in action

Generate & automate documents using the DocumentsCorePack connector on the Power Platform

How to create and view documents in Canvas Apps on the Power Platform

DocumentsCorePack Connector: e-Signature & SharePoint integration for Dynamics 365 & Power Automate


Create high-quality quotes and proposals supporting images, loops and much more.

Download example file

Contracts (e-Signatures)

Agreements, Policies, NDA’s – use the automatic e-signature feature supporting DocuSign, Adobe Sign and Assure Sign.

Download example file


Create engaging and scalable reports with dynamic charts and tables.

Download example file


Automatically create and send payment & shipping or delivery confirmations.

Download example file


A large number of business letters are sent out every day. Save time and money by automating this process.

Download example file


Simplify and standardize the creation of quotes, orders and invoices.

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Every document has its purpose

As versatile as your business is, so are the requirements for documents. With DocumentsCorePack and the Template Designer you create powerful documents within minutes. For every document type, for every business application.


Daily Users



Document Solutions for every industry

Each industry has specific document requirements. DocumentsCorePack is the right solution for your industry.


Managing memberships, keeping track of contracts and communicating transparently and coherently with customers is the essence of being able to operate successfully in a volatile market.

Financial Services

In finance, accurate handling of numbers, quotes and contracts is the foundation for a functioning business and long-term customer loyalty.


Automating bureaucratic processes not only saves time and money, but also reduces human error.


Companies that can create quotes faster win more orders. With DocumentsCorePack you create your quotations fully automatically and include individual project descriptions, product data and images. This allows your employees to concentrate on their core tasks.


Proper documentation of medical records and information is essential for communication with patients and staff, enabling better patient care and reducing errors.


In education, a plethora of documents are created on a daily basis. Save time and money by automating repetitive document generation processes in Power Automate.

DocumentsCorePack fits your business model

We were able to automate our business processes and be more efficient

The service is powerful and stable. But above all has developed its solutions rapidly by integrating specific requests for certain large customers. Thanks to we were able to automate our business processes and be more efficient. I appreciate the responsiveness & proximity of!! Thanks to the team! Nothing is impossible when working with solutions!

Frederic Skobel, Sales Manager CRM Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the installation and configuration take?

When using our Online Service Configuration Wizard you are all set in about 1 hour.

How can you design & configure templates?
DocumentsCorePack comes with a Microsoft Word based Template Designer that allows for intuitive and easy to use creation of templates. You can use familiar Word features to create professional looking documents while being able to use Template Designer’s drag & drop capabilities to map data from your Dataverse.
Are there limitations when loading data from Dataverse into your document?

No, DocumentsCorePack fully support resolving any relationship (1:n, n:n, n:1) as well as multiple levels of related data. Hence any data from you Dataverse can be loaded into your document.

Are there extra costs to use the eSignature integration or Connector for PowerAutomate (Flow)?
No, the e-Signature integration of AdobeSign, DocuSign and AssureSign as well as the Power Platform Connector are included at no additional cost.
Do you store customer data when generating and processing documents?
DocumentsCorePack does not collect any data when documents are generated. Data is processed during the document generation process but not stored on our servers. Learn more about DocumentsCorePack Online Scheme.
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