Reduce data and file capacity costs

Every company knows the problem: e-mail content consumes a lot of data capacity, attachments and notes eat up a lot of file capacity. This means that both are constantly growing in the production environment, often resulting in expensive additional capacity purchases and hard-to-find attachments.

The simple solution: automatically extract attachments and email content to an inexpensive storage solution like SharePoint or Azure Blob using AttachmentExtractor. The user will not notice any difference. This not only saves up to 60% of storage costs, but also increases performance.

Calculate your potential savings

Savings Calculator

in GB*
in USD**
Data Capacity Savings:
14,400 per year (1,200 per month)
File Capacity Savings:
5,088 per year (424 per month)
* Based on our experience the achievable reduction is: Data Capacity: ~50%. File Capacity: ~80%. (Get Details
** Calculation based on the following pricing for Capacity Add-Ons: Data Capacity: 40 USD/GB and month. File Capacity: 2 USD/GB and month.
Info: The figures are derived from the April 2023 status. Starting in May 2023, email content will no longer be included in the data capacity calculation, which will affect the potential cost savings.

How does it work?

Instructions: Enter the current size of your ActivityPointerBase, Attachment and AnnotationBase table and hit “Calculate” to see your potential savings (Where do I find these values?)

400+ customers  have been able to reduce data capacity up to 50% and file capacity by up to striking 80% and benefit from the reduction of ongoing storage costs.

Move e-mails and files to SharePoint
or Azure Blob

Did you know that sometimes up to 70 percent of the Dataverse database consists of e-mail content and documents stored as notes or attachments?

Thanks to AttachmentExtractor there is a simple way to reduce your file and data capacity consumption. The tool copies or moves the content to either SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage releasing valuable space in your Dataverse data storage. The extraction process is fully transparent so users will not see a difference when accessing the files!

Save up to 60% of your data storage costs

Once the AttachmentExtractor service is running, you will see a a significant decrease of your capacity consumption:

  • Data capcity: ActivityPointerBase reduced by up to 60%
  • File capacity: Attachment and AnnotationBase reduced by up to 80%

AttachmentExtractor is our go-to solution

Attachment Extractor is our go-to solution when a customer has files stored in Dynamics 365. It’s simple to configure and monitor and provides a seamless solution to move big files to SharePoint.

Heidi Neuhauser, “CRM Heidi”

AttachmentExtractor fits your business model

Start your 14 days free trial

Follow the steps to get started :

  1. Create a free account
  2. Start the AttachmentExtractor service
  3. Connect your AttachmentExtractor service with Dataverse
  4. Save fila and data storage costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the installation and configuration take?

When using our Online Service Configuration Wizard you are all set in about 30 minutes.

Where will the extracted content be stored?
AttachmentExtractor currently supports Microsoft SharePoint as well as Azure Blob to store attachments and e-mail content.
Is it possible to revert the extraction if necessary?
Yes, AttachmentExtractor comes with a revert-service option that enables you to bring back all extracted contents into your Dataverse.
Does the license include both extraction of attachments and e-mail content?

Yes, every license of AttachmentExtractor allows setting up one service handling attachments to save file capacity and a second one to handle e-Mail content and thus to save expensive data capacity. Learn more.

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